Premium Lab Equipment

Snijders Labs is manufacturing ULT-freezers, climate chambers and incubators for almost 40 years. We are ISO-9001 certified for development, manufacturing, sales and service. We operate worldwide by co-operating with factory certified and trained distributors for installation and service. By adapting to customer requirements, focusing on technology and functionality, we are able to strengthen our market position and quality.
We are proud that the leading Dutch university hospitals, such as those in Leiden, Utrecht and Amsterdam (among others) belong to our customer base. The knowledge gained is an investment in the full range of laboratory programs with not just leading customers such as (among others) the Universities of Wageningen and Amsterdam but also The University of Birmingham, John Innes Institute, the Max Planck Institute, Zoologisches Institut of the University in Basel and private companies like Abbott Laboratories, Merck, Bayer and Nunhems.
We have always distinguished ourself by short lines of communication between design and production. Design, production and testing facility are all in-house in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This formula has proven to be efficient. Listening carefully to the needs of the users has given Snijders innovative knowledge, with which we are now navigating and adjusting. And obviously, we also owe thanks to all 60 of our employees!
We’ll be happy to show you around!

Cooling and freezing systems

The Snijders Labs equipment is developped for the life- and bioscience, clinical and industrial applications. As the only Dutch manufacturer of (Ultra) Low Temperature freezers, Snijders Labs feels proud to be able to offer you a complete program of cooling and freezing.

Climate chambers

Snijders Labs, designer and manufacturer, offers you:

MICROCLIMA: ideal to realize the day- and night cycle very accurately, moisture, temperature and illumination.
ECONOMIC PREMIUM ICH: the right chamber for modern insect breeding and research.
ECONOMIC LUX: designed for general appplications in the plant growth technology.

Incubators and walls

The cooled incubators are not just designed for general microbiological, food, water and medical research, but also for tenability tests or long term storage.
It’s wide temperature range and flexible programmer allow these incubators to be used for almost  any standard test and a lot of different applications as well.

Walk-in climate rooms

Intensive cooperation with R&D institutes in various markets (Food, Farma, Agri and Government authorities), forms the base for the projects we offer in The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Everything according to a fixed module with short communication lines.

Cryotheque/Biobank Tilburg

Snijders Labs offers besides the manufacturing and delivery of ULT freezers a relatively new service in The Netherlands. We make it possible to board out your ULT-freezers! Add this to the Snijders Cryotheque archiving software and it will be possible to realize a complete registrated control of all material in a completly safe environment nearby our production plant.