WOTS 2014

Successful exhibition participation WOTS Utrecht for Snijders Labs!

The introduction of our extra large EvoSafe freezers with a capacity of 827 and 965 liters was a great success. Snijders Labs delivers these unique ULT freezers that may contain up to 77,000 samples. 

During this exhibition we also presented the brand new MicroClima Modular climate cabinet.  The MD1400 is, as the name suggests, modular set to fit your needs together and has a capacity of 1,337 liters. The climatic cabinet is accessible over the entire width, and is useful for different applications.

Especially for the WOTS fair we made a promotional film to virtually take you into the production in our factory.

Are you interested to receive more detailed information? Let us know. We will be pleased to provide that for you as soon as possible!

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