Snijders CARE & LABS nominated!

for the annual BORT prize for companies and individuals who make a special contribution to the economy of Tilburg and surroundings.

The Snijders company provides worldwide equipment for hospitals and laboratories.

by Michel Koste2

TILBURG – The Netherlands. In the large warehouse of Snijders an Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is ready for shipment to Hong Kong. The freezer next to it will be delivered in a Dutch hospital. The products and equipment from the Tilburg family business is going all over the world. Snijders Tilburg (Labs and Care) sees significant opportunities in the Asian market. "That’s where our focus is on now," says director Pieter Snijders, who is, together with his brother at the helm of the company. 

The company is accustomed to be aware of new markets. In the factory it soon becomes clear that the company is not betting on one horse. The products vary somewhat, though Snijders is especially active in the medical field. 
Part of the hall is filled with a long row of mobile laundry and waste collectors, which are intended for hospitals and care centers in the Netherlands and abroad. In another part of the building technicians are busy working at the technically advanced equipment for laboratories. "It is all produced and developed by ourselves. From A to Z. This is the pure form of manufacturing industry. The company has not gone unnoticed. Snijders is one of the last three nominees for the annual BORT Prize, which is awarded to an exceptional company in Tilburg.

What began in 1963 as a sole proprietorship in the metal business, has grown into a global company with 60 employees and a turnover of millions. "It started with the production and sale of medical logistics systems", says Pieter Snijders. "In other words, everything on wheels. From movable stainless steel waste and laundry collectors, to linen cabinets and more…. Of these carts and trolleys are still around 10,000 annually made. 

In 1985, the company hit a surprising new direction. Snijders also started to manufacture Ultra-Low Temperature freezers (up to -86 degrees) for example, to store blood samples. "At first we only supplied the steel cabinets for these freezers," Snijders explains. "Then we decided to take over the complete manufacturing process. Everything by themselves, built up from scratch. That was a huge step. "Each year, the company is building about 700 of these devices. A prime example of high-tech, according to Snijders. 
Meanwhile, the company supplies more devices, taking control of temperature, humidity and light (hot or cold) plays a major role. "We manufacture cabinets for experiments with plant growth," Snijders gives as an example. "But also incubators used for testing in the food industry, for example." Many devices can be found in laboratories, hospitals and universities around the world. 

Due to the growth Snijders has a second building on the Gebr. Sala Street in use. There's a special showroom for the laboratory equipment, test facilities and training of technicians from all over the world. But also samples are stored for hospitals, businesses and universities, who do not have enough space to do it themselves, fully controlled."In the medical world you have to deal with strict requirements," says Snijders. "Hospitals are terrified to lose research data. So you need to intervene immediately in case of faults. We can 24 hours a day. Abroad, we have a network of dealers. "Everything must also be spotless for fear of infection. Many companies are intimidated by these high demands. "That gives us an advantage." But Snijders notes that hospitals and nursing homes are becoming sharper watching on their budgets and expenditures.

"It is good that we operate internationally," says Snijders. "We deliver to thirty countries in Europe, South Africa, Canada and Australia. In Asia you now see a rapidly increasing demand. But for example, we are also involved in a huge project in Ireland, where a large complex for production of Botox is pounded from the ground. For 150 million pounds That is special. " Isn’t it?

Photo 1
Norman Snijders (left) and Pieter Snijders, next to the large Ultra Low Temperature freezers. This equipment, which the family business produces, goes all over the world.

Photo 2
In the factory of Snijders thousand of trolleys and systems for the healthcare sector are being manufactured.

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